Bedroom Makeover

Many people do not realize how important the setting is for creating an optimal erotic experience. Your bedroom, as a key setting for your intimate experiences, should be an erotic retreat. I'm an expert of seduction and through my erotic events where I tease all your senses, I learned what makes people tick erotically. Visuals are a strong aspect of a human's sexual experience and I don't only mean the looks—comfort and intimate lighting counts as well! How about your sex furniture and sex toy collection? Ask me for help to turn your bedroom to a real sensual and erotic experience.

bedroom makeover

Bedroom jewel

Your bedroom should be sexy, cozy and personal. “Sexy” does not mean red painted walls, oversized wall mirrors and black satin sheets. There are so many other colors and materials that can play a wonderful sensual game, delight the eyes and touch. You want to make sure you have warm and intimate lights, a good sound system and a quality mattress. 

bedroom makeover

in the mood for experiments?

To please all your senses, add some nice decorations, candles, curtains and fuzzy carpet to create the intimate atmosphere. For those more experimental, why not fill your side tables with chic, quality toys, or add a sex pillow or sex furniture? My favorites are sex benches. If you feel shy, you can use a leather multifunctional bench (see above) as a starter.


Do you want a sexier bedroom

I specialize in sensual and erotic bedroom makeovers in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. You can book an initial consultation in your home (this takes about 2-3 hours), where I will evaluate 6 aspects of your bedroom: light, sound, colors, toys, furniture and fabrics. I will discuss your wants and needs and also give you suggestions about some changes you could make, based on your budget. I'm a master of changing your bedroom to a tasteful and sensual chamber even with a small budget. I will also advise you on web sites where you can purchase special items, and suggest you some companies that can help you upgrade your bedroom. 

Initial Bedroom Makeover Consultation $1,500