German Naked Spa Experience

Over the Christmas Holidays, I decided to travel to my second home, Germany and visit my friends and family. When I lived there, one of my weekly hobbies was visiting a German FKK Spa. (“The social nudity movement includes a large range of variants including “ naturism”, “nudism”, “Freikörperkultur (FKK)”, the “free beach movement” as well as generalized “public lands/public nudity” advocacy.” -Wikipedia). I loved to go on a weekly basis because not only spa is good for your overall well-being, but also those places are easy-going, with no pretense. We are all nude and want to relax! Clothing is not an option. 

Nudity has always been more acceptable in Germany than in the US. This most recent visit made me think a lot about that contrast in cultures.

On a cold, foggy Monday night, right after New Years Eve celebrations, some of my friends and I visited a wonderful Spa House called Mediterana near Cologne. Right after our arrival, we went to the dressing room, where we undressed completely. We had a towel to wrap around ourselves, but otherwise we were fully nude. The space was huge, with different sizes of relaxation and swimming pools, indoors and outdoors, along with saunas, steam rooms and resting lounges. The place was all in Spanish and Arabic decor. In addition you could book special spa treatments, like scrubs, facials, or all sorts of massages. Afterwards, you could dine in a 5-star restaurant offering a variety of meals, even Ayurvedic, or in a low-key bistro, offering organic food. I was amazed. The attention to detail and ambiance at this spa house was unbelievable!

My memories of my previous spa memories flooded back, and I remembered exactly why I loved it so much. To be fully nude, enjoying my body without worrying about how it looked or how people would think about me, felt so natural and so empowering. It wasn’t awkward to be surrounded by hundreds of naked people, male and female. People are naked, enjoying the moment, relaxing and treating their bodies with care. Nobody was staring at us. We all enjoyed saunas, sweating next to each other. Of course, you have towels for the hygienic purposes, but you can enjoy the nudity and healing effect of the heat without wearing an annoying nylon swim suit. Even the occasional looks of male participants did not offend me. They were not aggressive or disrespectful.

After the sauna, we went to take a shower. A handsome male complimented my girlfriend with ‘how sexy her body is’. Thank you for the compliment! We both laughed, and enjoyed the kind words. In Germany, he won’t be accused of a sexual harassment for simply making a comment. After shower, we moved towards relaxation part of the spa, where we laid on a huge bean bags and drifted in sleep for almost an hour. Naked, but covered with a nice fury blanket.

In Courtesy of Mediterana

In Courtesy of Mediterana

I truly enjoyed this experience as a tourist. It’s been 10 years now since I left Germany, and as much as I was looking, in all the major cities, on the both coasts of the US, I haven’t found one spa where I could be naked with both men and women. It’s a shame, because one of my favorite things to do is to go to spa with a boyfriend or a lover. It’s sexy and flirty. I think it can be great for your relationship! But in the US, it seems like something people are afraid of doing.

To be fully nude, surrounded by men and women of all ages and looks, is a sign of freedom to me. It’s an open-minded way of living, without prejudice and shame. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how you look like. When I think of that young woman who mocked an older woman’s body after posting a naked photo online, I think of all that is wrong about making people feel ashamed of their bodies. We will all grow old. We are all vulnerable. We wouldn’t be here without our bodies. If you respect your own body — truly respect it — you would not make fun of someone else’s body. This is something that Germans know — to enjoy your body, feel comfortable in your skin, and enjoy these establishments with your partner is genius. We are all human beings. We will, hopefully, be young and old. We will see men and women, and people who do not fit our expectations of either category.

I definitely loved this experience, and included a visit of this spa into my Fantasy Travel package. Check it out here.