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Why Is He Staring At Other Women?

Do you know that feeling? You’re in a restaurant or walking down the street with your partner when he suddenly sees an attractive female and time stops. He seems to forget you’re standing there next to him. ou’re talking to him and you feel like you are practically non-existent for some period of time until he lands back on planet Earth, looks over at you with his eyes scared and full of guilt, wondering if you had caught his ocular indiscretion.

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7 Reasons Why You Are Not Into Him Anymore

“I’m just not into my husband anymore!”

I have heard this sentence many times in my coaching office. Take one client, for example, who felt trapped in a sexless marriage. Let’s call her Sarah.

“I have no desire to sleep with him and I’m not attracted to him anymore” Sarah complained. “I think it is hormonal, or perhaps because of the baby I had?” 

“The baby you had is five-years-old now,” I pointed out, lightly suggesting it might not be the reason. 



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