Mark P.

“Our marriage was failing and our sex life had been virtually non-existent for the past couple of years. We had been in and out of couples and individual therapy for nearly 5 years of our 15 year marriage.

I found Lia while searching Instagram for the hashtag life coach. Her Instagram intrigued me and she was New York based which worked well for us. I had never heard of this type of coaching and was a bit skeptical.

I read her website and thought she might be able to help us. I was concerned that my wife would not want to participate in this type of coaching and might be intimidated by Lia's looks and areas of expertise, but after she thoroughly looked over the website, blog posts, Instagram feeds etc, she told me she would be willing to go.

We have been to three sessions so far and are extremely thrilled with the results. Through a series of question and answer sessions, and a very interesting quiz, Lia helped devise a plan and some homework assignments.

Our last meeting was in our home and included some guided lessons. We have learned to share, without fear of judgment, how to fill each other's needs. The results have invigorated our love lives in ways I had only imagined. We have been able to set aside some of our inhibitions and learn to please each other in ways we never had before. We are happier in general, both in and out of the bedroom.

I highly recommend seeing Lia to help rebuild intimacy in your life”

Lia Holmgren