Club Life is a Fantasy Land for Adults

Ever since I've been working in the field of sexuality, I had a dream of organizing erotic fantasy events for couples around the world. I had traveled widely, worked closely with people's fantasies, and saw the benefits of a healthy sex life for people of all ages. After many years of organizing erotic events internationally, I teamed up with my long term family friend, who excels in the hospitality industry and already had a successful club business in Germany, I was able to make my dream come true and have a wonderful location for organizing fantasy events. In 2014, after a lot of work and two years of construction, we opened the doors of Club Life, a highly erotic and luxurious adventure world for couples. 

Champagne Bar in the Club Life

Our aim is to pamper you and provide you with a setting in which to live out your secret, ultimate fantasies. We offer our guests high quality liquor choices for cocktails and a fresh buffet of culinary delights is served all night in the dinning room. 


Club Life sex room

Club Life is unique because of its size and modern, stylish design. It is an exclusive club with an erotic athmosphere- we have pain attention to every detail. The indoor area is almost 10,000 sq. feet, with a dance club and live DJ, bar, and champagne lounge. We offer a stylish indoor spa oasis and there are 19 themed sex rooms such as the Bavarian room, Asian room, and Egyptian room.


The outdoor space is even grander- 60,000 sq.ft of fantasy forest, including a pool, bar and relaxation areas (nude sunbathing allowed).

Club Life is located in Munsterland, in Germany, about 50 minutes from the International Airport in Duesseldorf and about 90 minutes from the International Airport Schipol, Amsterdam. Club Life is open on Fridays and Saturdays, and in the summer months also on Sundays. Each evening is a different themed event.

club life Bdsm


Couple in a long term relationships sometimes need new erotic experiences to bring back desire into their bedroom. I can help with all aspects of your journey, whether helping you work on communication of your desires and fantasies, introducing you to the rules and expectations you might encounter at a club, or assisting you in how to put your best assets forward. 

For couples who desire to embark on such an adventure but would like a concierge experience, I offer and exclusive 6-day fantasy travel that includes a visit to Club Life.


erotic, fantasy travel

You will fly to Frankfurt, Germany, where my team and I will meet you and your journey will start. You'll spend some nights at a historical chateau, go wine tasting in the Mosel Valley, traditional German dinner, erotic aphrodisiac dinner, take a tantra workshop, and spend a night or two exploring Club Life. We will customize certain details and activities to help fulfill your fantasies. Your experience will be sensual, authentic, and top-of-the-line.