Lia Holmgren

Create the life, relationship and sex you want. The Power is within you!

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Lia is an Intimacy & relationship coach, And a Life-long entrepreneur. 

"I love my work as an intimacy coach and the greatest reward is to see improvements in my client's lives. Healthy communication, fulfilling sex and loving relationships is my goal for you."


Intimacy Coaching

Customized packages that improve communication, lead to fulfilling sex and loving relationships. Love, respect & compassion. 


Conflict Management

Are you stuck in a gridlock conflict with your partner or with a loved one? Are you tired of the perpetual arguments and contentiousness that stops us from moving forward in our most important relationships? In my session I will help you understand the root cause of the conflict and how you can manage it.

Wellness & Weight loss

Want to make a positive health or lifestyle change? As a certified health coach I’m here for you to support you on your journey.


Bedroom Makeover

Get sexual motivation and spark your fantasy with a simple and delightful bedroom make-over under Lia’s supervision.



Benefits of Coaching


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Learn the basics of healthy erotic experimentation, and how to prepare yourselves for intensely exciting experiences. This eBook will give you tips for planning your first “play” date, and for the arousing nights that come after! It will guide you on every step of your kinky adventure. Written by Katherine Frank and Lia Holmgren who also work together on request as coaching DUO.


Are You Worried Your Romantic Relationship Could Get Stale?

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